About Us

Long Hill Carpentry is a contracting firm with an office and workshop at Flowerfield Industrial Park.  The firm offers additions, historic home repairs, kitchen, bath, tile, cabinetry, trim, porch building, window, door, siding and roofing services for residential clients. To schedule an estimate appointment, call Long Hill Carpentry during regular business hours.

John Schoendorf

John is President and Founder of Long Hill Carpentry, Inc.  His introduction to carpentry and construction was at the age of 10 as he worked alongside his father (an engineer for Grumman) building an extension on their home.  He began his career in the mid 1970’s after graduating from Ward Melville High School.  Working as an apprentice to fine craftsmen, he learned old world skills and techniques along the way.  

Having lived in Stony Brook for 5 decades, he developed an appreciation for the wide array of homes -- from those dating back before the Revolutionary War up to new construction.  John has brought a detailed knowledge of old construction methods to each vintage home restoration he has performed on Long Island.  His keen eye for detail, knack for creative solutions, and decades of experience have helped many homeowners make the most of their home -- especially when others have told them it couldn’t be done.  

He is a member of the Three Village Chamber of Commerce, NKBA, an EPA Certified Renovator, and has won awards for innovative designs.

As a resident of of the Three Village Community, he has committed his time and talent to numerous organizations in an effort to preserve both the architectural and cultural heritage of Long Island for future residents to enjoy.  His love of preservation extends from homes to antique cars.  You might see John driving one of his Model A’s around town, in local parades, or even at the Ward Melville Senior Prom.